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Proud of our Partnerships: Juggle Jobs

Here at Accountancy Cloud, we have the awesome job of helping 100s of businesses each year with everything from bookkeeping and payroll, to fundraising and accounting. For many of these ambitious companies, we’ve also sourced additional financial support through outsourced CFOs. And we’re really excited to announce, that with thanks to our partnership with Juggle Jobs, we are now offering an exclusive CFO marketplace to our customers!
CFO Services - Unlock your growth

Yes, that’s right. From the 28th of January 2021, our customers will be able to easily source additional financial support through our exclusive CFO marketplace. Powered by Juggle Jobs, this service connects businesses with expert, seasoned finance professionals, that work seamlessly alongside your current Accountancy Cloud platform.

How to know when you need a CFO

A CFO is a seriously valuable asset to your business, whether you’re in seed, high growth, or the maturing stages of your business. It’s the responsibility of a CFO to guide your business’s financial decisions through preparation, data-driven strategy development, and funding guidance. Let’s fire off a few ways this can benefit you:

  1. Help attract investors with impressive and insightful financial planning
  2. Nurture and sustain your growth through tailored, expert strategy and support
  3. Save time, by taking over complicated financial processes

This level of support, coupled with your fantastic Accountancy Cloud reporting and financial tools, give your business the ultimate package to thrive. For more information, you can download Juggle Job’s recent e-book on Hiring a Part-time CFO here!

A service you can trust

As an Accountancy Cloud customer, you’re familiar with the specialist level of service we provide. The CFO marketplace is no exception. We work closely with Juggle Jobs, to source only the finest CFO support, so we can set you up with a professional that provides the quality of service that you deserve from us. We’ll only set you up with a CFO once we’re satisfied that their services are at the Accountancy Cloud standard our customers deserve. All CFOs are Accountancy Cloud certified, and quality guaranteed.

So, how does it work?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3. Let’s run through the process.

1. Find your match. Book a call with our success team, who’ll get you on your way to securing that additional CFO support.

2. Get on board. Once we’ve found your match, it’ll be time for offer negotiation. Here, everything from identity verification to contracts will be taken care of

3. Manage. Once you’re set up, management is simple and intuitive. Access timesheets, productivity reports and support from a qualified coach.

Proud of our partnership

We’re so proud to be able to offer this service to our customers, and it’s our partnership with Juggle Jobs that makes it all possible. Juggle Jobs is a skills market for flexible work, on a mission to change work for the better. The company enables outstanding talent to work with the most forward-thinking companies, and with all CFOs for our customers being AC certified, you can be sure that the service is in line with your expectations from us at Accountancy Cloud.

Join us on Instagram Live!

On the 28th of January 2021, at 11 am, Wesley Rashid CEO and Founder of Accountancy Cloud, and Romanie Thomas, CEO and Founder of Juggle Jobs, will be chatting about their partnership and providing all the juicy details that you need to know about this new service. Simply head over to Accountancy Cloud's Instagram at 11 am to join. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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