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A Founder’s Tax Planning Guide

Interesting tax tips for directors and limited companies looking to plan ahead.


This handy guide will provide some useful tax-saving tips to bear in mind when founding a start-up. While tax is probably the last thing on your mind in these early stages, you should make the best use you can of your assets, while planning ahead for contingencies such as scaling up and hiring.

We'll take you through the process of incorporation, indicating the potential of different company structures. The guide includes information about loans and what interest they might accrue, plus the tax implications of dividends and employee stock options. We will also discuss the software and accounting technology you can use to speed up the process, with helpful hints on tax credits, expenses and deductibles.

Taxation is a complicated but necessary matter. We have tried to keep this guide as simple as we can, but the IRS tax regulations are immensely complex, and we highly recommend you seek professional advice.