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Hiring Employees and Contractors

Tips on how to design a hiring process that results in great employees.


As your startup begins to expand and develop, and you are considering scaling up, you should decide whether the business is going to need a larger workforce. Your scaleup might require new products or services, and you'll need staff with the skills required to facilitate the growth; or you might wish to develop your internal processes.

This guide offers valuable information on recruitment, such as whether you need a manager, how to draw up a hiring plan, and how to advertise, recruit, interview and select new hires. We can help you through the complicated maze of distinguishing between employees and contractors, discussing payment and contracts, and outlining the legal requirements under state and federal regulations.

There are employee benefits to consider, conditions of work and security of personal information, together with stipulations related to workplace behavior, standards and use of facilities.

Download this handy guide for further information on the hiring landscape.