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A Founder’s Guide to Launching a Tech Startup

Introducing the fundamentals behind launching a tech startup company.


When they have a great idea, motivated individuals may start to think about launching their own company. Whether they have coding skills or not, they’ll need to know a bit more about how to launch a tech startup before setting out.

While becoming a business owner can be an opportunity for individuals to create new ideas and generate more income, skills alone are not enough to facilitate the successful launch of a startup. It is also important to hold the necessary business skills to stay compliant with UK legislation.

At the very least, it’s important for budding business founders to have a thorough understanding of how a successful startup is formed. This guide aims to provide a brief overview of the necessary aspects.

How to launch a tech startup - what’s included

  • Information on registering a new company
  • Director roles and responsibilities
  • A guide to VAT, personal income tax and corporation tax
  • Information on how to use and register expenses properly
  • How salaries work for new businesses
  • A guide to invoicing 
  • Information on different types of business insurance, including liability insurance
  • What you need to know about funding your tech startup