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Managing Cash Flow for Tech Startups

Top tips on how to manage a startup's cash flow.


While there are many reasons to launch a new startup – to show off new ideas and create groundbreaking technologies, for example – one of the primary reasons will be to generate income for the owners. However, there is more to income than simply the money; startup cash flow can be very beneficial as a tracking tool, used to determine whether your business is succeeding in meeting its goals. This guide provides some tips and guidance on how to manage cash flow as a startup.

A guide to managing cash flow for startups - what’s included

  • Tips for tracking your business’s financial health, including the numbers that you need to analyse to keep track of things
  • The importance of overall profitability as well as cash flow
  • The importance of maintaining up-to-date account records
  • How to identify cash problems, including those related to loans and repayments
  • Our startup toolkit for managing your cash flow
  • Challenges tech startups may encounter in terms of cash flow
  • Advice for creating your startup cash flow management plan