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Managing Cash Flow for Tech Startups

Top tips on how to manage a startups cash flow.


There's more to business finance than just the money coming in. You can use your cash flow metrics as a beneficial tracking tool to determine whether you are achieving your goals and your business is succeeding.

Some of the numbers that yield to analysis include your burn rate and runway, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Customer Churn Rate (CCR). You'll also be looking at Monthly Recurring Revenues (MRR), Average Revenues per Account (APRA) and what your gross earnings are, among others.

As a startup, it's a good idea to evaluate the numbers carefully in order to identify those which are the most beneficial for monitoring, tracking and controlling your overall and continuing business performance. With this handy guide we can help you identify cash flow problems and suggest some useful tools for keeping it under your eye.

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