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Preparing Your Tech Startup to Scale Up

This guide covers the ins and outs of why scale up preparation is key for startup companies.


The sort of culture commonly experienced in a startup or young business is very different from that which you'll find in a large corporation. Going into a tech business isn't just about money any more, but also about achievement and sharing a benefit with the world. This also involves sharing more with employees and working on a more collective basis, as younger companies focus on employee collaboration to develop worthwhile projects.

There is therefore a greater emphasis on the concept of ‘startup culture’ as representing a valuable aspect of your long-term success. This can include such factors as hiring landscapes, nurturing skills and talent, flexibility of the working environment and employee equality. As your business grows, maintaining this culture can become more of a challenge.

Download our guide today for some useful insights on how to foster and maintain a healthy startup culture even as you begin to scale up.