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Preparing Your Tech Startup to Scale Up

This guide covers the ins and outs of why scale up preparation is key for startup companies.


Tech startups which have experienced early and rapid growth may find themselves in a position to take new opportunities. For some, this could be through selling the business,, but others may wish to continue to develop the business by scaling up. Scaling up can be an effective way to facilitate business growth. Download this guide to learn more about how to scale a tech startup.

How to scale up a tech startup - what’s included

  • What is a ‘scale up’ and what does it involve?
  • Different ways a startup can scale up
  • How to prepare for the scale up process so that growth and development is manageable and sustainable
  • How to hire the right resources and skills for a scale up transition
  • How to source funding so your startup can scale up
  • The marketing that is needed to ensure success for a scale up business
  • A full scale up checklist to help you be fully prepared for this opportunity!