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4 Benefits of Hiring Independent Contractors

Business growth is an exciting time. However, in many ways, it is the most risky period you're likely to face. These formative months and years challenge every aspect of working, and it’s usually at this point that an extra pair of hands is not only desirable, but necessary. Before you get hiring, it’s important to know and understand your options. For this reason, we’re going to chat about the benefits of hiring independent contractors!

What are independent contractors?

Let’s cover the basics, shall we? Independent contractors are any individual or organisation that provides a service for your business without being on the payroll. These include freelancers, sole proprietors and individuals with a limited liability partnership.

Now that’s been clarified, let’s move on to those all important benefits.

No.1: Efficiency

The first great thing about using independent contractors, is the efficiency. Consider this - you’ve got work that requires specialist expertise with a tight turnover, but no one in your team is qualified or experienced enough to carry it out.

Is this the best time for training? Nope!

Training takes time, money and effort. An independent contractor is an expert in their field and will work to your agreed deadline without hassle.

No.2: Flexibility

If there’s anything that 2020 has shown us, it’s that flexibility is key to survival in business! When hiring employees, your options regarding money saving in tight times are rather limited. Independent contractors usually have a get-out clause, which means that if your financial situation worsens you can end the contract within weeks - creating a nice little safety net for you!

No.3: Tech

Now, we know what you’re going to say - “what’s tech got to do with hiring?”.

Well, when hiring an employee, they’re limited to the tech that you currently work with.

Independent contractors on the other hand, are experts in their field and have the best of the best tech so they can provide top services to their clients. So, this means you can save time and money, and be safe in the knowledge that the work provided will be of the highest quality, with the techiest of tech on the market!

No.4: Reduced Liability & Responsibility

Reduced liability and responsibility is a huge benefit of opting for an independent contractor. Covering their own taxes and insurance, independent contractors can save you a headache in the financial department.

Want to learn more?

Have we tickled your interest? Download our E-Guide today, to find out more about hiring independent contractors and employees.

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