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Accountants for tech startups

Optimise your finances with accounting and tax advisory for tech startups & scaleups

Turn your ideas into reality. Strengthen your finances with our online accounting, R&D Tax and CFO services. From medtechs to fintechs, our accountants for tech startups support you from day one through to future growth.

OK, let's ditch the paperwork.

Accountants for tech startups

Beam's financial workload, made lighter.

Beam were struggling to keep up with the ever increasing demands of their accounting and payroll. On top of that, Beam found it difficult to make the most of R&D tax credits.

Luckily Beam came to us. We handled the financial workload. They didn’t have to worry about an ever expanding payroll ever again and we made full use of R&D tax relief to channel more money into the company’s growth.

Working with hundreds of ambitious startups

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Accountants for tech startups

From bootstrapped to scaling startups, we help tech founders free up their time and unlock growth opportunities.

We understand the challenges of growing a startup and building tech, simultaneously. Our team are on-hand to take care of your finances, so you can put your focus back on your business.

Our all-in-one accountancy gives you access to online accounting, CFO support and R&D Tax Credits. So whatever your stage of growth or current business challenge - we have the expertise to help.

We help tech startups to

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Uncover areas for growth

You’ll get access to our secure finance software, providing snapshots of your financial health, reporting tools and business insights.

About growing companies

Scale services as you grow

We understand that needs change as you scale - which is why our custom services adapt to our clients’ needs.

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Identify tax relief schemes

Our in-house team of R&D specialists are on-hand to review all of our client accounts and look for potential claims.

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How Startups can benefit from having Accountants for Startups

  • Financial Strategy: Leverage insights into your startup's financial health for informed decision-making and strategic growth planning.
  • Compliance and Taxation: Ensure adherence to HMRC regulations and tax compliance, maintaining legal operations for your startup.
  • Investor and Stakeholder Confidence: Attract fundraising and build stakeholder trust with accurate, well-organized financial reports from startup accountants.

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  • Manage your finances, all in one place
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One team for all your accounting needs


Manage your accounting, tax and bookkeeping under one roof. And as you grow, our services scale to match.

R&D Tax Credits

Get matched with an R&D tax specialist. They'll manage your claim from start to finish, with unlimited support.
R&D Tax Credits


Get the experience, advice and insight from a fractional CFO by your side, without the cost of hiring one full time.
CFO Services


We'll handle everything from the filing of invoices, receipts and expenses. You'll know how much money's coming in and going out.


You'll never stress about taxes again. Never miss a deadline and our tax experts will even look at ways to reduce your tax bill.

Self Assessment

Accountancy Cloud provides a full self assessment tax return service. We don’t just guide you halfway; we go the full distance.
Self Assessment
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Accountancy Cloud helps us to hire quickly, they consistently provide affordable essential accountancy services and they’ve supported our R&D tax credit application every year successfully!
Saasha, Co-Founder & COO
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We’re finally able to make business decisions based on forecast cashflow and the financial health of our business. Their communication with our team has been extremely proactive, it feels like we have a CFO in-house with the service they’ve provided.
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TAC has been a responsive and high quality accounting partner who truly understand the needs of startups, from the day to day to more strategic advice
Alex, Founder
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Accountancy Cloud has been instrumental in helping MeasureMatch scale. From support with integrating our software tools through to endless reconciliation patience, they are there for us every step of the way.
Emma, Co-Founder & COO
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The Accountancy Cloud has allowed me to focus on what I actually love doing. The people are very friendly, easy to contact, and super helpful.
Mira Rehab
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Great experience working with AC's professional and knowledgeable team!
Loucas, COO
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Having AC take care of all our accounting has meant we’ve been able to focus more time on launching our first product and growing the business.
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Always a fast and efficient service. Knowledgable team of accountants.
Dan, Head of Finance
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I was impressed by Accountancy Cloud’s focus on startups and the hurdles we would face. They understood this was our first venture and were ready to offer their full support.
Eliot, Director

OLIO's supercharged growth

OLIO began with nothing but an idea and some bootstrapped funds.

We handled and guided OLIO through over four separate fundraising rounds. Now, OLIO has turned into a long time partner, has grown their workforce from 2 to 40 and expanded into a market of 3.3 million members.

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Why Choose Accountancy Cloud for Startup Accounting Services?

Every decision is crucial in a startup's journey, particularly in financial management. Accountancy Cloud stands out as your reliable partner for startup accounting services, offering:

Matched to an Accredited Accountant

Each startup we partner with receives a dedicated chartered accountant from Accountancy Cloud. This professional deeply understands your business to provide custom solutions aligned with your goals.
Learn more

Industry-Specific Expertise

Accountancy Cloud offers specialized knowledge for various industries, including tech startups, e-commerce, and service-based businesses, guiding you effectively in your financial endeavours.
Learn more

Competitive Pricing Packages

We provide excellent accounting services without the high cost. Accountancy Cloud's transparent, competitive pricing caters to startups of all sizes, eliminating unexpected expenses.
Learn more

Chartered & Certified Accountants

Our team comprises of both chartered and certified accountants with a track record of accuracy and reliability, ensuring your finances are in capable hands and we're also specialists in startup accounting.
Learn more

Partnership with Xero Accounting Software

Accountancy Cloud stays ahead technologically ahead with cloud-based software, simplifying financial tasks and supplemented by our expert support. We are Xero Platinum Partners and Quickbooks Experts.
Learn more

Comprehensive Startup Accountancy Services

We are a one-stop solution for all startup accounting needs, covering company formation, VAT returns, payroll, annual accounts, financial modelling, investor readiness, SEIS, EIS, and EMI Option schemes.
Learn more

Proactive Tax Planning

Our ongoing tax planning strategies at Accountancy Cloud help minimize tax liabilities and optimize your tax position, keeping you prepared for tax obligations while maximising tax deductions.
Learn more

Exceptional Client Support

Our commitment at Accountancy Cloud is to forge strong, enduring relationships with our clients, offering responsive and dependable support at every step of your journey.
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Scape’s life-changing exit

Scape needed clarity. Clarity over their accounting and on top of that, they found it difficult to make the most of R&D tax credits.

Bringing Accountancy Cloud on board to handle the complexities of their accounting proved to be the right decision. This allowed Scape to properly handle the bookkeeping, consistently and quickly.

With confidence in their financial data, and in Accountancy Cloud’s processes, this led to a fruitful exit to Meta for £22M.

Tech Startups

Hire the Best Accountants for Startups

We are committed to providing more than just accounting – our mission is supporting your business journey at every step. You can check out our reviews on Bark and Google.

What do our Startup Business Accounting Services include?

At Accountancy Cloud, we recognise the unique financial needs of startups and offer tailored accountancy services to support their growth.

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Company Formation and Registration

Accountancy Cloud guides tech startups through the setup process, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory standards. We help in choosing the appropriate business structure and manage all necessary paperwork and registrations.

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Choosing the Optimal Business Structure

Selecting an appropriate business structure is vital for your startup's success. Accountancy Cloud offers guidance on various structures – sole trader, partnership, or limited company – to match your goals and enhance tax efficiency.

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Opening a Business Bank Account

We assist in opening a business bank account, keeping personal and business finances separate for improved financial management. Our chartered accounting team aids in selecting a banking partner that fits your tech startup's needs.

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VAT Registration and Returns

Accountancy Cloud manages VAT registration and returns, ensuring adherence to HMRC guidelines. We'll ensure you are MTD ready with our Xero accounting services ready to file your VAT return on time.

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Payroll Setup and Management

Accountancy Cloud's service includes setting up and managing your startup's payroll system, ensuring precise and timely payments, along with handling payroll taxes and deductions. We'll also handle your payments.

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Corporation Tax Returns & Planning

We prepare and file your corporation tax returns, focusing on optimising tax reliefs such as R&D Tax Credits and expense deductions to reduce tax burdens on your tech startup. We'll make sure you file on time.

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Annual Accounts

Our experts prepare detailed, compliant annual accounts to give insights into your company's business performance. We'll make sure your financial statements are sorted and tax obligations are met.

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Bookkeeping for Startups

Accurate financial record-keeping is vital. Accountancy Cloud's bookkeeping services ensure thorough recording and organization of your financial transactions, aiding in monitoring expenses, income, and cash flow.

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Payroll & Pensions Services

For startups with employees, we provide support an end-to-end payroll service in setting up and managing compliant workplace pension schemes. We'll even pay your staff with monthly payment runs.

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R&D Tax Credits Support

Startups engaged in R&D activities may qualify for R&D tax credits. Our team assists in evaluating eligibility, documenting, and claiming these credits.

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SEIS & EIS Advice

We offer advice on the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), helping startups attract investors.

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Self-Assessment Tax

Accountancy Cloud simplifies the self-assessment tax return process for startup founders, with timely submissions - we'll take care of you every step of the way.

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  • Get matched with a certified accountant
  • Quick response times to your questions
  • Simple, fast, digital online platform
  • Manage your finances, all in one place
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