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How Accountancy Cloud supported Scape Technologies to land a life-changing exit

Scape Technologies is a London based computer-vision startup founded in 2017.


As a fast-growing company that is heavily invested in research and development across a variety of different platforms, Scape needed a solution that could handle the complexities involved, and file their R&D tax credit claim in a reliable, error-free way.


Bringing Accountancy Cloud on board to handle the complexities of their accounting, and tracking R&D credits with its “people doing what people do best, software doing what software does best” approach. This allowed Grace to properly handle the bookkeeping, consistently and quickly.


Scape has confidence in their financial data, and in Accountancy Cloud’s processes which successfully resulted in over £500,000 of R&D tax cash refunded for the company. With this peace of mind, this allowed them to focus on running the business, which led to a fruitful exit to Facebook.

Industry knowledge and expertise

Grace, Chief of Staff at Scape, reflects on this expertise, saying, “The Accountancy Cloud team understood what I was going through and it was clear from the beginning they knew how early-stage startups operate. They are very much geared up for fast-growth startups and SMEs, and prepared to deal with sometimes scrappy startup scenarios, calmly and helpfully - Shout out to the AC team, who has made my life easier for the last year! The entire accounting process - from start to upkeep - has been effortless.”

Accountancy Cloud specializes in accountancy for high-growth, venture backed and growing SMEs. We know intimately the kinds of challenges these companies face as they from fundraising to exit. This knowledge was essential to Scape as they chose their provider.

The entire accounting process - from start to upkeep - has been effortless.
Grace, Chief of Staff
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Spotlight Results
  • £22,000+/yr saved using Accountancy Cloud
  • 8+ hours saved per month
  • 3+ integrations

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