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How Accountancy Cloud Supported Homevest's Growth Journey

Homevest specialise in cross-border mortgages that help individuals and families achieve their dreams of homeownership. Through innovative strategies and personalised guidance, Homevest enables clients to access mortgages that in the past would have been near impossible to obtain. With a focus on transparency, integrity, and client satisfaction, Homevest has established itself as a trusted partner in the mortgage industry.

The Challenge

Homevest encountered significant challenges in managing their finance processes, particularly in bookkeeping and payroll. The complexity was further compounded by their substantial investment in research and development (R&D), which introduced an additional layer of complexity in efficiently claiming R&D tax credits - a critical factor for driving business growth and innovation. You can check them out here: (https://homevest.io)


To address these challenges, Homevest partnered with Accountancy Cloud, a leading provider of cloud-based accounting solutions tailored for real estate firms and investment enterprises. Accountancy Cloud's team of skilled accountants and financial advisors devised a comprehensive strategy to streamline Homevest's finance processes and optimise their R&D tax credit claims.


The collaboration with Accountancy Cloud yielded significant improvements in Homevest's financial management capabilities. Through the implementation of innovative accounting solutions and strategic guidance, Homevest achieved:

  • Enhanced efficiency and accuracy in bookkeeping and payroll processes, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

  • Optimised R&D tax credit claims, maximising returns and enabling continued investment in research and innovation.

  • Greater financial visibility and control, empowering Homevest to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

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"Our partnership with Accountancy Cloud has been transformative for Homevest. Their expertise and personalised approach have helped us overcome our finance challenges and position our business for continued success. With their support, we can focus on our mission of empowering individuals and families to achieve their homeownership goals with confidence and peace of mind."
Erik Edin, Co-founder of Homevest
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Spotlight Results
  • More efficient accounting, saving 5 hours a month
  • R&D tax credit saved worth £000,000's
  • Business planning and strategic support

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