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Xero Accounting Services for Startups

Streamline Your Finances with Xero Accounting Services

Managing finances can be daunting, especially for small businesses trying to scale up and make their mark. With Accountancy Cloud, you'll get matched with a certified accountant who are experts at providing Xero accounting services to streamline your financial management. From initial setup to leveraging reporting and analytics capabilities, we've got you covered.

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Bookkeeping Services for Startups

How it works


It’s simple. Contact us, and one of our Xero accounting specialists will get in touch with you.


We'll meet, and then prepare a proposal to suit your budget and if you sign up you'll be matched to a Xero certified accountant.


All your Xero accounting services are taken care of. Once you are onboard, we keep you fully ready and on top of your finances.

Bookkeeping for startups

What is Xero accounting software and how does it work?

Xero accounting software is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses manage their financial activities.

It allows us as accountants to manage your bookkeeping, expenses, payroll, and generate financial reports with ease.

With its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities, Xero simplifies the accounting process for businesses of all sizes.

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Streamlining Your Finances with Xero

By utilising Xero's bank reconciliation and real-time data, small business owners have easier cash flow management. The software's online accounting and invoice reminders automate financial tasks, while its layers of security protect financial information. This centralized and secure system streamlines how businesses manage their finances.

Centralising Financial Information

By centralising financial information in Xero, businesses can improve the accessibility of their business data. With the Xero accounting app, users can access real-time account balances and financial data, as well as gain insights into overdue invoices, purchase orders, and credit card transactions. This comprehensive level of understanding regarding financial information is extremely beneficial for businesses.

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Real-Time Capabilities

Enabling seamless real-time collaboration on financial data and dashboard analytics, Xero's mobile app ensures accessible and updated information, including bank balances, invoice reminders, and payment terms. The payroll and bank reconciliation features streamline the daunting task of managing financial data, providing subscribers with real-time updates.

Customisation: Tailor Xero to Your Needs

Tailoring Xero to your business needs is easy with its customizable features. From chart of accounts to invoice templates, the presentation of financial data can be streamlined. The app also allows branding customization for professional invoices and email communication. Xero projects and subscription plans can be customized to cater to individual business requirements.

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Setting Up Xero for Success

Setting up Xero involves initial organization details and financial settings input. The branding features allow customization, while expenses, projects, and analytics provide real-time financial information setup. Utilize payroll, payment, and bank reconciliation services to ensure success.

Initial Setup: Organisation Details and Financial Settings

Setting up Xero accounting begins with organizing company details and financial settings. This involves inputting manual data, configuring payment terms, and reconciling bank accounts. It’s crucial to set up bank feeds and chart of accounts for seamless financial management.

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Chart of Accounts and Bank Account Feed Setup

Setting up Xero’s chart of accounts and bank account feed is crucial for seamless accounting. The app’s customization options streamline financial data setup, while its real-time collaboration capabilities enhance the process. Utilize payroll and payment services to optimise your experience.

Utilising Payroll and Payment Services in Xero

Setting up involves utilising payroll, payment, and bank reconciliation services. This includes payment terms, bank feeds, VAT returns setup, manual data entry, invoice reminders, and subscription plan customisation. It's projects feature allows payment setup for individual projects.

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Optimising Financial Management with Xero Features

Automate financial tasks with bank reconciliation, online accounting, and invoice reminders. Access real-time financial information through expenses, projects, and analytics features. Easily track overdue invoices, purchase orders, and credit card transactions. Streamline financial data presentation with customized chart of accounts, invoices, logo, and email features. Enhance financial performance monitoring with the mobile app, bank feeds, and real-time dashboard analytics.

Ease of Bill Paying and VAT Returns

Simplify bill payments and VAT returns with Xero's online accounting software. Seamlessly manage expenses and contacts, effortlessly track receipts, and enjoy real-time cash flow visibility. Access multiple layers of security to protect financial information. Streamline your finances with it's free trial.

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Claiming Expenses and Managing Contacts

Streamline expense claiming and contact management effortlessly. Manage invoices, payment terms, and accurate records with their mobile app. Simplify bank reconciliation with seamless integration of transactions. Efficiently handle business expenses and contacts while on the go.

Leveraging Reporting and Analytics Capabilities

Leverage Xero’s reporting features for real-time business insights. Access custom analytics dashboards for valuable data. Effortlessly generate financial reports like profit and loss statements. Track overdue invoices, automate reminders, and manage inventory seamlessly.

Key reasons to choose Accountancy Cloud for Xero Accounting Services

Accountants London

Stress-free Xero accounting

When it comes to choosing an accounting service in Cambridge our team of chartered accountants are dedicated to providing tailored services for startups, small businesses, and medium-sized limited companies.

Accountants London

Support to save on your tax bill

Get professional help, with our Xero accounting services designed for all sizes of business. With our expertise, you can trust that your accounting needs are in good hands. We also offer video call support for quick and convenient assistance.

Accountants London

User-friendly platform

We're fully online, which means we can easily log in and know where you stand. Our comprehensive range of services includes tax services, payroll, bookkeeping, and CFO services.

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We're Platinum Xero Accountants

Accountancy Cloud is a Platinum Xero Accountant, meaning as experts, we are able to provide our clients with accredited financial management services and are experts in migration, payroll, bookkeeping and all-round Xero accounting services.

Let's get you set up with the support of our experts.

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