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R&D for Large Businesses

Gain acess to R&D Tax Relief via RDEC Tax Credits

Get the expertise you need to claim R&D Tax

Large company R&D Tax Relief known as RDEC (Research & Development Expenditure Credit) means with a single application you can apply for a Corporation Tax deduction or a repayable credit.

Reduce your Corporation Tax

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Working with hundreds of ambitious startups

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Why work with us?

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Finances made easy

R&D is an incredible incentive for innovative companies, but it’s also complex to qualify for. Our team of experts navigate the intricacies so you don’t have to.

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Long term financial security

If done correctly, R&D can reduce Corporation Tax or you can gain a repayable credut. With our dedicated professionals we can secure your business' future for the next two decades. Imagine what you can do with that kind of growth.

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Save before it’s too late

Corporation Tax could increase. By mid-2023 some companies may pay up to 25% in Corporation Tax. Maintain your savings for the future.

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Multiply your savings

Our dedicated R&D Tax Credit services can help support you. We've prepared many large business claims with complicated scenarios. With our advice, you'll get what you deserve.

The process



One of our R&D experts will identify any qualifying R&D products, outline the expected costs and process the claim.


Map & maximise

Next, we’ll map sales by qualifying/non qualifying expenditures, and advise you how to optimise the costs.


Elect & review

We’ll manage you through the R&D scheme. and review before any R&D Tax Credit claims are made - to source and secure the maximum relief under both schemes.


Compile & submit

We’ll take care of HMRC so you don’t have to. Our team compiles and submits all R&D claim reports.



After confirmation, your tax benefit is ready to claim. Now you have to decide where to reinvest those profits!

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Accountancy Cloud helps us to hire quickly, they consistently provide affordable essential accountancy services and they’ve supported our R&D tax credit application every year successfully!
Saasha, Co-Founder & COO
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As a business that has grown organically, sound cashflow management and revenue reporting/scrutiny has been key and the Accountancy Cloud have helped a lot. Every R&D tax claim has gone smoothly and successfully.
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Great experience working with AC's professional and knowledgeable team!
Loucas, COO
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We’re finally able to make business decisions based on forecast cashflow and the financial health of our business. Their communication with our team has been extremely proactive, it feels like we have a CFO in-house with the service they’ve provided.

One team for all your accounting needs


Manage your accounting, tax and bookkeeping under one roof. And as you grow, our services scale to match.

R&D Tax Credits

Get matched with an R&D tax specialist. They'll manage your claim from start to finish, with unlimited support.
R&D Tax Credits


Get the experience, advice and insight from a fractional CFO by your side, without the cost of hiring one full time.
CFO Services


We'll handle everything from the filing of invoices, receipts and expenses. You'll know how much money's coming in and going out.


You'll never stress about taxes again. Never miss a deadline and our tax experts will even look at ways to reduce your tax bill.

Self Assessment

Accountancy Cloud provides a full self assessment tax return service. We don’t just guide you halfway; we go the full distance.
Self Assessment

What else can you get?

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