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4 Free Startup Templates to Use for your Quarterly Reporting

Runway and Cash Forecasting Tool

This three-year financial template is intended as a simple forecasting model, with easy inputs for revenues, expenses and external funding. A quick and easy picture of cash, runway and burn behaviour can be obtained, just by entering operating figures. The model automatically builds out charts showing operating costs, cash on hand, source and distribution of external funds, runway (over 36 months) and cash burn. A summary is given of operating expenses, and there is an option to produce a chart of funding sources and uses.

The model structure is designed to be easily extendable, with the inclusion of additional details, or more advanced forecasting methods for specific types of business. All the formulas and cells are entirely open and unlocked, so anything in the model can be edited or changed.

Customer Lifetime Value Template

This is another free Google Sheets template that calculates both LTV and CAC using easily input unique figures. Many experts believe that LTV (Customer Lifetime Value) is the most valuable KPI metric for startup businesses. The data points collected for the LTV formula are an important factor in assessing a company's overall health, and understanding the value of each customer acquisition is essential. LTV metrics not only provide immediate insight into particular areas of operation that need improvement, but also provide insights into a startup's long-term trajectory.

LTV has a considerable impact on how CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is determined and justified to investors. Backers should not be worrying that a startup is paying out large sums in marketing or promotion for customers that won't justify their investment. But for any business that relies on repeat customers or a recurring revenue stream, high initial CAC is an essential part of long-term strategy.

Inside Sales KPI Template

This free Google Sheets Template for SDR metrics provides a company with an easily adapted and valuable framework for assessing their progress in sales. Prospects, leads and QSOs (Qualified Sales Opportunities) can all be included, together with targets or goals and leads in the pipeline. Such a clear spreadsheet layout allows company management to understand the KPIs at a glance, and assess the intangible benefits that accrue from promoting simple sales reps to a solid team who are delivering a quota. The Inside Sales KPIs template is flexible, so it can be manipulated to fit any individual requirements.

Ecommerce Google Sheet Template

This basic spreadsheet template was devised by Dave Ambrose of Steadfast Capital and can be freely shared on Google Sheets. It lays out all the KPI metrics that have been found to be the most important for ecommerce, including the type of customer, how they were acquired and when, plus repeat customer figures. A few other major features in the template include orders, revenues and variable costs, as well as gross margins and profits. As a summary of KPIs it offers a clear and easily read template which is useful for investor reporting, internal management reporting and fundraising.

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