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5 Essential Tips for Maintaining your Ecommerce Business

It’s hard to imagine that eCommerce was once a brand new phenomenon. Before the pandemic, it was considered a good idea for businesses to move their services online, but during? Well, for many it became essential. The past year threw a lot our way, including many exciting opportunities for eCommerce businesses. We want to see your business continue to thrive, so we've provided 5 essential tips that'll help you to maintain your success.
1 - Automation

Behind every successful modern business, is smart automation. Ecommerce can provide business at the push of a button, and your potential client base is enormous. Your business should have its hands filled with work, and employing part of your workforce to do a job that can be automated, is uneconomical. Time is money, and automation saves a huge amount of time. Maintaining business growth with automation is easy. For example - following up after a customer drops their cart? Simple to plan for, easy to set-up, and can grab you those extra sales day after day!

2 - Personalisation

It’s the primary rule of business that you play to your chosen demographic. Adverts and promotions must work in a similar way! No customer wants to be bombarded with adverts for things they would never consider buying. In fact, a study by Digital Trends showed that 73% of surveyed consumers prefer to do business with retailers that make their shopping experience more relevant. Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business, you’re never too big to ignore your customers!

3 - Customer Support

Obviously, your business has Customer Support available. But is it enough to match your needs? More specifically - does your eCommerce business have a live chat function? Having online support ready to chat at a moment’s notice can ensure that customers trust your website. If the Customer Support systems are slow, or shoddy, you'll lose customers. First-time customers will purchase a product, and never visit again. A strong support system can ensure your customers return to you again and again!

4 - Loyalty Rewards

Your marketing strategy has worked, and you’ve hooked customers for a single sale. Now you want to keep them on your site. Let's throw some figures your way. You have a 5-20% chance of selling to a new customer and a 60-70% chance of selling to an existing customer, so it just makes good sense to look after the latter.

Your business' reputation can hinge on how you treat your loyal customers. Personalised promotions and offers to those customers will keep them coming back for more, not to mention them promoting your business to their friends!

5 - Streamlined Accounting

Business is now done at the tap of a phone screen or the click of a mouse. The market now moves quicker than ever before, in a flurry of numbers, therefore so too do your finances. Streamlined eCommerce Accounting Services are the best way to keep on top of an ever-growing business. With state-of-the-art AI software, and a dedicated team of professionals, outsourced bookkeeping will free you from an exhaustive workload, and allow you to focus on your business' success.

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