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6 Examples of eCommerce Payment Solutions for your Small Business

Choosing your eCommerce payment processor can be a daunting task as a small business or online store. The investment can be a big one, especially if you need any physical hardware, and it can seem like a lot of information to sift through to find the perfect payment processor for your eCommerce business.

But don’t worry! We’ve got 6 great examples to consider for your payment solutions to help make your choice easier.

  1. PayPal
  2. Stripe
  3. Square
  4. BlueSnap
  5. AmazonPay
  6. Klarna

Read on to learn more about each payment solution and some considerations for each.

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PayPal is one of the longest standing merchant solutions for small and large businesses alike. It’s prominence and seniority give it some serious clout, and it allows your business to accept various forms of payment online including major credit cards, debit cards, pay using PayPal balance, and even payment through social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

This platform charges relatively high fees depending on the types of transactions, though. So make sure you have another option or are prepared to account for these fees in your prices.


Stripe is great because they work directly with Google and Apple Pay, plus Masterpass to offer customers many payment options. Stripe is also widely accepted by international markets and accepts transactions from customers all over the world.


Square comes with hardware that connects to your eCommerce store and allows you to charge customers both in-person and online. It syncs to your inventory (best for smaller catalogues) and also provides tools like analytics and operations (like payroll!). You can even create and send branded invoices. Snazzy!


Another global platform, BlueSnap can accept payments from any location and any device through their multi-currency support (over 100 currencies). This option is best if you are a global company shipping all over the world. Accepting major credit card payments and regional cards like China Union Pay, BlueSnap provides worldwide accessibility.

Amazon Pay

As you can imagine, Amazon Pay is also a huge player in the world of eCommerce payment solutions. With hundreds of millions of customers using Amazon, their payment solution has provided many merchants with reduced abandon carts and seamless checkout experiences. Amazon’s guarantee is also offered on orders that qualify. You already know how easy it is to shop and checkout on Amazon.


Finally, Klarna offers fraud protection and financing options at checkout with no liability for your store. Customers can pay over time with litter or no interest, meaning more sales for your eCommerce business selling higher ticket items!

When choosing a payment processor for your eCommerce business, be sure to consider who your customers are and what they are looking for. Making their experience as easy as possible is the key to success when it comes to payments!

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