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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - A Message To All Our Customers

The World Health Organisation has declared the Coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic. In this post to our clients we explain our action plan in the event of us working remotely if required.
A Message To All Our Customers

Dear AC clients,

On a day to day basis, we work closely with our clients and as a team, to deliver creative solutions to business problems— but our top priority is keeping our employees and clients safe.

With conditions around the Coronavirus growing ever unsettling, we are continuing to monitor the impact of (COVID-19) across the UK and how that may affect our clients in one way or another.

We are ready and have gone fully virtual, so all our staff will work from home:

  • All team members have the equipment and software to do their job from home
  • All the tools and services needed to run the business are online and accessible anywhere
  • All our files and data are remotely accessible by our team
  • We use video and Slack chat to communicate with the rest of the team

The plan of attack:

  • Accountancy Cloud will continue to operate as normal
  • We will communicate with you via our Live Chat feature in the Accountancy Cloud platform, or via email at our earliest opportunity
  • Our telephones will be operating as normal.
  • Our team have been issued guidance internally on remote working to ensure there is continuity in our services.

They will either pick up your enquiry or pass your details onto one of the team to arrange a call back

  • Normal working hours of 9am – 5:30pm will be maintained
  • During the working day, all communications will be open via our Live Chat feature in your AC app, email, video call and phone as normal
  • If you need to speak to one of the team, we will be on hand via mobile or video call

If you do have any urgent requests, please ensure you communicate clearly with the team, who will respond as quickly as they can to any immediate issues.

If you have any queries or questions please drop us an email.

From all of us at Accountancy Cloud —stay safe, and look after yourselves and your families.

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