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Are Startup Accelerators Worth It?


In the frenzied world of entrepreneurship, startup accelerators have emerged as a potential catalyst, promising growth, mentorship, and funding. One of the most renowned among them is Techstars, known for transforming startups into global entities. But the question remains, are these accelerator programs really worth it? To help you comprehend the value and decide if they're the right fit, we'll share our firsthand experience from the London Techstars program in 2020.

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Startup Accelerators Unveiled

Startup accelerator programs aim to expedite the growth trajectory of budding businesses through funding, mentorship, and resource allocation over a typical span of three months. They shouldn't be conflated with incubators; while both foster entrepreneurial growth, accelerators typically provide financial backing, unlike incubators.

Accelerators offer resources such as:

  • Funding: Accelerators invest between $20,000 to $100,000, either as straight equity or a convertible loan.
  • Mentorship: Startups are assigned mentors, successful entrepreneurs with relevant industry experience.
  • Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR): EIRs offer additional coaching, support, and guidance, and often assist in networking and fundraising.
  • Office Space: This invaluable resource provides an operational hub for early-stage companies.
  • Investor Network: A robust investor network can help startups raise capital, though funding isn't guaranteed.

Personal Insights from the Techstars Program

Being part of the Techstars program was an enlightening journey, filled with opportunities, learnings, and challenges. Some standout aspects were:

  • Mentor Madness: This intensive exercise involved meeting 30 mentors weekly for 3 out of the 12 weeks, which helped us refine our elevator pitch, handle rigorous questioning, and establish vital mentor connections.
  • Weekly Entrepreneur in Residence Meetings: These interactions with the program's Managing Director and the EIR were central to identifying priorities, whether fundraising, business development, or getting investor introductions.
  • Demo Day: The program concluded with Demo Day, where startups presented their businesses to an audience of investors. Our program was disrupted by the pandemic, transitioning from offline to online, but we were still able to pitch to a group of investors.
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So, Are Startup Accelerators Worth It?

A look at the statistics two years on from our Techstars program revealed that 80% of the startups raised capital, and 30%, including us, raised over a million dollars. However, the impact of accelerators varies widely. The brand of accelerators may not have a lasting value over your team, product, and traction, which ultimately determine your success. What accelerators provide is a powerful kickstart, offering access to a network, mentors, and knowledge that might otherwise take months to acquire.

Navigating Accelerator Admission

To increase your chances of getting into a startup accelerator, here are a few tips:

  • Research: Understand different accelerators and choose one that aligns with your business stage.
  • Show Traction: Present evidence of revenue, users, subscribers, or even a waitlist to demonstrate your product's necessity.
  • Understand Your Unit Economics: Know your business's underlying metrics. This knowledge is vital during the accelerator and for investor updates.
  • Demonstrate a Cohesive Founding Team: Accelerators look for a balanced founding team, where each member contributes equally.
  • Tell a Compelling Story: Showcase why you should get in, the problem you're solving, and what you want from the program. People invest in people, so don't hesitate to show passion.

In summary, whether startup accelerator programs are worth it depends on your business stage, the chosen accelerator, and your expected gains from the program. Weigh the benefits and drawbacks to decide if this fast-paced world aligns with your entrepreneurial journey. Remember, the final decision rests in your hands, based on your unique circumstances, ambitions, and aspirations.

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