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Five Market Place Mistakes That Could Kill Your Tech Startup


A young business’ success or failure is almost impinged on how well it can navigate the marketplace. The inability to understand the dynamics that play out in the market can lead even the most promising startup into financial woes and cast a dark shadow on the future of the business. There are several mistakes that startups, including those in the tech industry, often make in their early stages of operation but let us just consider some of the most fatalistic of these.

The first key mistake that many tech startups make in the marketplace is poor risk management. Companies often fail to take the necessary measures to troubleshoot problems affecting the performance of their products or services. Unless you want to lose a huge chunk of the customers you already have, it is important to make sure you follow up on the performance and rating of your product or service and its reception by your clients. In this way, you can be in a position to prepare appropriate risk management measures in the event an unforeseen risk occurs.

Another common marketplace mistake which tech startups make, and which also pertains to risk management is a lack of self-promotion. It is imperative that tech startups give their customers an overview of the measures they have in place to ensure their clients get the best experience from using their products of services. This is an important tool in brand-building as it endears your customers to your company and may go a long way in attracting new ones.

Similarly, many tech startups seem to make the mistake of thinking their existence will automatically get them a niche in the market regardless of what product or service they offer. This could not be far from the truth since customers will only pay for a product or subscribe to a service which adds some tangible value to their lives or fulfils a particular need that they have. Understanding your market as a startup is the first step in winning it over.

Moreover, many tech startups end up struggling in today’s competitive industry due to failing to build a movement. Customers will feel more inclined towards a particular brand if they feel they relate to it. It is therefore important to utilize all social avenues and platforms to interact with your customers on an interpersonal level and make them feel as though they are an integral part of the company themselves.

Finally, tech startups need to avoid the mistake of choosing inappropriate names for their enterprises. A good company name should be a perfect representation of what your business is all about. It should speak to your potential customers and offer insights into what your business does while still being catchy enough for them to commit to memory. You will win many brownie points just for coming up with a fitting name for your company.

If you are a start-up and you do not want to make these and many more mistakes that other startups have done, please contact us.

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