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Funding options for growth companies: Guest written by Edo Salvesen from Finstock Capital

Founders often ask how many months of runway they should have to raise a seed round – the rule of thumb is around 18 months – and then they ask when they should start talking to investors.

The answer to that question is normally some date in the past. Fundraising is notoriously difficult and time-consuming, and it reduces the focus of founders on the primary objectives they are trying to achieve. Add into the mix the questions on amount, valuation, dilution and KPIs, and there is a lot of information to gather.

Finstock Capital was founded to solve this problem. We provide a solution that enables early-stage businesses to bridge to their next funding round or payment. The easiest and simplest form is through accelerated R&D tax credits – if you believe you are expecting £100k in three months time and that funding round just isn’t quite complete – why don’t you accelerate the £100k payment to today? Finstock Capital and Accountancy Cloud can combine to maximise your claim and access the capaital as soon as possible.

However, often one single R&D payment may not be sufficient or founders are seeking non-dilutive alternatives to equity fundraises. This is where Finstock Capital’s venture debt solutions can support early-stage companies over multiple years. These loans can be against future years’ R&D claims or against future milestone payments. In partnership with Accountancy Cloud, Finstock Capital can work on a bespoke solution that is right for the company to deliver its long-term objectives.

Join our talk on LinkedIn Live

If you’re interested in finding out more about our partnership and R&D Tax credit loans, please join us on the 23rd April 2021, at 11 am.

Wesley Rashid CEO and Founder of Accountancy Cloud will be hosting an event alongside Anh Vu, Senior R&D tax manager at Accountancy Cloud, and Edo Salvesen, Director of Finstock Capital. They will discuss the exciting new partnership and uncover all of the juicy details you need to know about R&D Tax, including the latest developments surrounding furlough and the PAYE cap.

Simply head over to Accountancy Cloud’s LinkedIn event at 11 am to watch. We’ll look forward to seeing you there.

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