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Huel: The Rise of the Plant-Based Food Retailer


Huel's journey from a simple idea to a global leader in plant-based nutrition is a story of strategic innovation and it's rise to over £185m revenue underlines a commitment to sustainability and health. Its success serves as a blueprint for other businesses looking to make a meaningful impact in the increasingly important realm of sustainable, health-focused food products.

The Seed of an Idea: Huel's Inception

Huel, a trailblazer in the plant-based food industry, was co-founded in 2015 by Julian Hearn, a marketing entrepreneur, and James Collier, a registered nutritionist. This unique partnership combined expertise in marketing and nutrition, laying a solid foundation for a company dedicated to changing the way we think about food. The company's mission has been clear from the start.

Huel Official Logo
To create nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food with minimal impact on animals and the environment​​​​.
Huel's Mission

The Growth Spurt: Huel's Early Success and Expansion

Under the leadership of Julian Hearn, Huel quickly began to reshape the landscape of meal supplements. After selling his marketing company, Mash Up Media, Hearn was initially looking to create a lifestyle business, but the concept of Huel quickly evolved into something much greater. The idea was to offer a product that wasn't just a protein shake but a complete meal in a powdered form, addressing the gap in the market for nutritious, time-saving food solutions. This innovative approach led to the birth of Huel, and its launch far exceeded expectations​​.

Building the Brand: Strategic Leadership Changes

Recognizing the potential for rapid growth, Julian Hearn made a strategic decision to bring in James McMaster as CEO in 2017, only two years after Huel's launch. McMaster, with his experience as co-managing director at Ella’s Kitchen and operations director at dessert brand GU, brought a new dimension of online food sales expertise and passion to Huel. This move was a turning point for the brand, igniting its already promising beginnings into a period of significant expansion and growth​​.

Funding the Future: Key Investments and Product Diversification

In 2018, Huel secured a £20m investment from venture capital group Highland Europe. This funding was crucial as it allowed the company to shift its focus from day-to-day financial management to long-term growth strategies. The investment enabled Huel to expand its team, diversify its product range, and introduce new lines, including ready-to-drink versions, bars, and instant meals. This diversification was a key factor in the brand's ability to appeal to a broader market and meet varying consumer needs​​.

julian hearn

Huel Today: A Leader in Plant-Based Nutrition

Today, in the realm of plant-based nutrition, Huel has emerged as a global pioneer. With a staggering 100 million meals sold across 100 countries, Huel has firmly established its footprint on the world stage. The flagship Huel powder exemplifies the brand's ethos - affordable, plant-based nutrition with a minimal environmental footprint. Its diverse range of products, specifically caters to the modern, health-conscious consumer who values both convenience and nutritional richness. The values and products resonate so well with today's consumers.

So What Exactly is Huel Doing Right?

Founding and Vision

Founded with a clear vision, Huel emerged as a disruptor in the food industry. Its commitment to nutritious, plant-based meals catered to the growing health and environmental consciousness among consumers. The inception phase of Huel teaches us the importance of aligning a business idea with contemporary social and environmental values.

Traction, Scaling Up and Expanding Reach

Huel's growth trajectory is impressive. From expanding its product range to entering international markets, Huel demonstrates how scalability and adaptability are crucial for business success. The company's expansion into over 80 countries, including a significant presence in the UK, US, and Europe, and its recent launch in Japan, exemplifies strategic market penetration.

Nurturing Roots: Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Achieving B-Corp certification with a score of 92.1 is a testament to Huel's commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. It underscores the importance of corporate responsibility in today's business landscape. This milestone is not just an achievement but a lesson in building a brand that resonates with the values of a modern customer base.

Hitting Financial Milestones

Huel's financial success, including a remarkable £185m revenue in FY23 and a healthy EBITDA margin, highlights the potential profitability in sustainable business models. This aspect of Huel's journey offers a crucial lesson in balancing growth with financial health.

Innovation In Product Development

The launch of new products like Huel Daily Greens demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation. Continuous product development is key to staying relevant and competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Retail Expansion

Huel's increase in retail presence by 51% to 11,250 stores reflects its understanding of consumer needs for convenience and accessibility. This expansion strategy offers insights into the importance of meeting customers where they are.

The Factory Milestone: A Leap Towards Autonomy

The creation of Huel's first-owned factory in Milton Keynes marks a significant step towards operational autonomy. This move is strategic for long-term growth and underscores the importance of investing in infrastructure.

Teamwork and Culture

The growth to almost 300 team members across multiple countries emphasizes the role of a strong team and positive company culture in driving success. It highlights the significance of investing in people as much as in product or marketing.


What 5 Key Lessons Can Founders Learn from Huel's Success?

  1. Align Your Business with Contemporary Values and Sustainability
    Huel's commitment to creating nutritionally complete, environmentally friendly food resonates deeply with today's consumer preferences. This alignment has been crucial to their success and showcases the importance of integrating sustainability and contemporary values into your business model.
  2. Scale and Adapt Strategically to New Markets
    Huel's strategic international expansion, including its early foray into diverse markets, exemplifies the importance of adapting products and strategies to suit different cultural and consumer needs, thus ensuring wider and more effective market penetration.
  3. Innovation is Key to Staying Relevant
    The continuous development of new products like Huel's powder, ready-to-drink meals, and bars demonstrates the need for constant innovation to meet evolving consumer demands and stay ahead in a competitive market.
  4. Focus on Financial Health as Much as Growth
    Huel's significant revenue growth, coupled with strong financial management, underlines the importance of balancing ambitious expansion with sustainable financial health, ensuring long-term viability and resilience.
  5. Invest in Your Team and Company Culture
    The growth of Huel's team and the nurturing of a positive company culture highlight the critical role of human resources in driving business success. Investing in people fosters innovation, dedication, and a shared vision, which are invaluable for any growing company.

In Summary

Huel's rise is more than a business success story; it's a narrative of how a vision, aligned with the pulse of the times, can create an impactful and profitable brand. It's a tale that resonates with founders, consumers, and anyone interested in the intersection of business, health, and sustainability.

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