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Maintaining Company Culture in 2020

With Boris Johnson’s latest announcement calling for a return to remote working where possible, many employers and employees alike are feeling deflated. Office work can provide a sense of community that encourages loyalty to the company, in a productive environment. So, how can we maintain this feeling while operating remotely?

Avoid Micromanaging

A common mistake made by management during remote working is micromanaging. We get that you want to feel in control of the work being done when you can’t just have a coffee in the office to check in with people, but by trusting your employees to do the tasks assigned and creating an open dialogue where they can come to you with questions, you’ll be able to maintain your happy team.

By having a smart system that allows you to remind, review and finalise tasks (ahem, like our app), you can still be fully in control of what work is going on...without being the demon boss.

Video Chats

Ah yes, Zoom. A lockdown favourite for virtual pub quizzes, awkward family catch-ups, and of course, meetings. By jumping on a video call with your team and being transparent with them, you’re encouraging openness and trust in the workplace. Plus, you’ll also all get a bit of much needed social interaction without face-coverings and 2 metre distance checks confusing things!

Remember “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? So your team isn't screaming bloody redrum with all the work calls (okay, enough of the movie references now), you should arrange fun social meet-ups by video as well.

Ensure they’ve got what they need

Home-working can be a nightmare on the old back. Without a desk in an office, many of us end up slouching into the sofa or bed. You should make sure your team has the tools they need for a good office set-up at home. Remember, these can count as business expenses when it comes to tax time, so keep a note ready for year end!

Welcome flexibility

One of the benefits of remote work in normal life is that you have more flexibility with when you work. It may be tempting to religiously stick to office hours while introducing remote work, but you may be better off welcoming a more relaxed approach to working hours that benefits both you and the employee!

The best tools

Remote working is made a lot simpler when you’ve got the tools to make it work. For example, bookkeeping tasks can be tricky enough at the best of times...let alone when co-workers are not at their desks to quickly chase receipts and missing information. By having a live financial dashboard, and automated processes, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips - no matter your location!

Learn more

Maintaining your company culture is an important thing to master, not just in remote working but during growth periods too. Check out our E-Guide on maintaining small business culture during high growth times for more tips and tricks. If you’re ready to transform the way you manage your accounting, get in touch today.

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