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Partnership Announcement - Mill Consultancy and Jonathan Lea Network

We're always trying to provide the best available service and experience for our customers. That's why we've decided to form value-added partnerships to complement our services. This time, it's in the specialist areas of EMI Options Schemes, SEIS, and EIS to extend our 'Beyond Accountancy' offering with an excellent choice of firms across the UK.
Mill Consultancy

EMI returns are due 6th July, so we have formed a formal partnership with specialist tax consultancy Mill Consultancy to deliver top notch services.

Jerry Davidson, ACA, is the the Managing Director of Mill Consultancy and has been running the firm for 18 years, so this will certainly strengthen our offerings to our customer base.

With extensive experience at board level, he has worked in the UK, USA and Africa. Jerry qualified as a chartered accountant at PwC and also has an EIS Diploma. He is a specialist in EMI option schemes and EIS/SEIS. Mill Consultancy specifically handle option schemes including EMI option scheme preparation, EMI valuations, and EMI annual returns.

Jonathan Lea Network

For legal work, including investment documents, SEIS, EIS, EMI option schemes and unapproved scheme documentation, check out Jonathan Lea Network.

Jonathan Lea, the Managing Partner has over 16 years experience working on varied business related matters at both large and small law firms. Jonathan started working for himself and growing his own client base in 2013, in the early years contracting as a consultant of an existing regulated firm. Over the last two years the team has grown and his company's turnover has increased more than six-fold. At the start of 2019 The Jonathan Lea Network finally became a SRA regulated firm in its own right which has given the firm a better platform for further growth, enabling its paralegals to become trainee solicitors and also allowing the firm to hire its own employed and self-employed solicitors.

Jonathan himself has been advising on SEIS/EIS and EMI share option matters since 2013 when he started to work as a self-employed solicitor focusing on startup and SME work. As the team has expanded the firm has taken on more of this type of work and in 2019 they advised on over 70 SEIS/EIS advance assurance applications alone, many of which involved significant complicating factors. Where particularly complex issues arise, the firm can call on their experienced tax solicitor Philippa Roles who has regularly advised on EIS and EMI share option matters for over 15 years.

Both firms will provide competitive rates for our AC customers.

If you are interested in becoming a partner as part of our Beyond Accountancy offering please do get in touch.

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