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Proud of our Partnerships: Pleo & Telleroo

At Accountancy Cloud we’re driven by a desire to help businesses with everything from bookkeeping and payroll, to taxes and accounting. For many of these ambitious companies, we’ve helped them simplify their payment processes too.

Thanks to our partnerships with Pleo and Telleroo, payment processes are easier than ever for our awesome customers at Accountancy Cloud.

Understanding is the key to success in this area, and with Accountancy Cloud you can be sure you’re getting the rounded, knowledgeable support that your business deserves.

Introducing Pleo

Pleo is here to take the confusion out of expenses. The spending solution for forward-thinking teams, Pleo provides company cards for businesses so they can provide their employees with the freedom to make the purchases they need to do their jobs brilliantly, all the while providing crystal clear control to finance teams.

When you use your Pleo card to make a payment, you’ll receive an instant notification, reminding you to take a snap of your receipt and upload it to the Pleo app. Once you do that, there’s no step 3. Pleo eliminates expense reports and reimbursements - happy days!

Introducing Telleroo

Telleroo is a hub for making instant payments. It’s time to say goodbye to manually keying in payments and payees, and welcome a new instant process.

Seamlessly linking with your Accountancy Cloud software, Telleroo automates keying in payments, reconciles pay run by pay run in Xero and provides a smooth approval system for your team, saving up to 80% of time spent on processing payments

Want to fix a broken payment process?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re really excited to announce that on the 30th of July, at 11 am, our CEO & Co-Founder Wesley Rashid will be joined by Pleo’s Partner Lead, Liz Sheldon, and Telleroo’s CEO, Andrew Cookson on Linkedin Live!

In this live talk, they will be discussing all the best ways to fix a broken payments process, with a focus on startup needs and values! Join the discussion, ask questions and get results, with this unmissable event.

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