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Xero vs. DIY Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping. Is it dull? Yes. But is it necessary? Definitely. A task that often gets left to the last minute, bookkeeping often ends up being completed on late nights or even weekends. The problem is, if you always opt for the DIY, last minute approach, then you simply don’t have the time to find a better way. Well, until now.

Bookkeeping blunders

The issues with DIY bookkeeping stem from the simple fact that you already have so much to do. Running a business is hard, and the last thing you need is this seemingly never ending task looming over you. Yes, by taking this approach you’re in full control, and on the surface, saving money by not out-sourcing tasks. However, by doing this, you open the door to inevitable blunders, such as:

  • Losing out on tax breaks from missed, valid expenses
  • Small, human errors that build up leading to time consuming corrections
  • Missing deadlines, creating stress and even fines
  • Falling behind with invoicing

These are not only costly and time-consuming, but they also mean that you can’t get an accurate forecast of how your business is actually doing, making it much harder to create a viable plan for your future.

Introducing Xero…

Xero is one of our brilliant integration partners. A software which manages your bookkeeping, invoicing and much more, our team can access your Xero data to reconcile and collate it in one, user-friendly space. Basically, it works like this. Your systems get integrated into our dashboard, which, with the help from your very own financial expert, provides no nonsense, accurate monthly financial reporting, which ensures:

  • Tax breaks are spotted
  • Deadlines are met
  • Duplicate entries & other human errors are avoided
  • Hours of your time are saved to spend on your business

Perhaps the most important thing that comes from opting for our services, is an accurate view of your business’s financial health. This not only provides the real-time data you need, but will also allow you to forecast your future and create a financial plan accordingly.

Join us today

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today, to turn financial chaos into clarity. If you’re itching for more information, our e-guides are just waiting for you to explore!

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