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Access your discount for R&D Tax Claims

Accountancy Cloud offers best-in-class services for making successful R&D Tax claims with a team of R&D specialists you can count on.

  • Discounted rates for Barclays Eagle Labs members
  • New HMRC Claim Notification Forms Made Easy
  • Claim back up to 18.6% of your R&D spend
  • Free Eligibility Call

Ready to start building your claim?

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Maximise your claim with our fully managed service

Are you an SME? Make a big difference to your business, by claiming back up to 18.6% of costs relating to your innovative work. Receive either a valuable cash injection or reduction on your Corporation Tax via the government's Research & Development incentive.

With over £30 million in claims processed, and a world class technical team, we've got the expertise you need.

Why use R&D Lite?

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Cash injection & no hidden costs.

Claim up to 18.6% of your R&D spend back. We have a fair pricing policy for claims processed by HMRC.

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In-platform support and tips.

Knowing what to include in your claim is the hard part. We've included detailed in-platform advice to help you build a successful claim.

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Reviewed by R&D specialists.

Our specialists have 30+ years experience reviewing and updating claims, helping to ensure yours includes all of the necessary details before submission.

Get paid for your innovation

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Excellent R&D Tax Credit service. Clearly very experienced in this area and the team were able to really understand quite complex technical points.


Their R&D team lead to a 100% success rate for my company when requesting credits.


Accountancy Cloud helps us to hire quickly ... and they’ve supported our R&D tax credit application every year successfully!


How does it work?

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1. Innovation check

If you spend money on research and development, you’ll likely be able to claim R&D Tax Credits - but, before you put time and effort into your claim we'll help you double check. Never pay for an R&D tax claim before checking if you're eligible.

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2. Build your claim

The R&D Tax Credit process can get complicated. So, we've broken down each of the areas HMRC want you to include in your claim - as well as in-platform support with industry-specific examples throughout.

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3. Receive your benefit

Once we've reviewed and polished your claim we'll submit it to HMRC. Once processed, your Corporation Tax will be reduced or your cash benefit will be paid out.

Ready to start your R&D claim?

Claim back up to 18.6% of your R&D spend.

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*We may also offer enquiry defence support for your claim charged seperately, make sure you enquiry seperately about this service