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4 Groundbreaking ways eCommerce Entrepreneurs are Changing the World

In a world like ours, so entrenched in online accessibility, it’s no surprise that eCommerce entrepreneurs are the ones changing the way we live our lives.

After all, business is business. From popping down to the grocery shops to purchasing a new dress, almost every functioning part of our lives revolves around commerce. Now with eCommerce covering any kind of product we desire entrepreneurs aren’t simply providing products.

They are re-inventing them.

1 - Retail stores reimagined

Clothes shopping is like marmite. You either love it or hate it. One thing is definite however, you rarely find the clothes that exactly fit you.

If the waist fits, the legs are too long. The style is just right, but it doesn’t sit well across the hips.

Bonobos is the brand that has completely changed retail stores. Since launching in 2008, the company is now the largest company ever built online in the US. Surviving on social media marketing alone after setbacks in 2011, they carved out a reputation of uniquely fitted clothes. Simply turn up for a measurement appointment, and then select your orders online to receive perfectly fitted attire with zero stress.

One hour’s worth of measurement compared to seven hours across 4 different shopping centres? It’s no surprise that they’ve done so well.

2 - Cosmetics

Our daily lives are filled with highly photogenic (or photoshopped) celebrities and make-up aficionados, Birchbox took the road that appeals to a huge majority of cosmetic enthusiasts.

They carved out a target market identity they call “beauty casual” - it’s quite catchy. For those who care, but not too much - a perfect middle ground.

Aside from fantastic brand building, they focus on sustainability, empowering female businesses, and easy access to cosmetics for women of colour.

As a subscription service with specific purchases available, they not only appeal to the morals of their target audiences, they also provide high standards of cosmetics to customers regularly so that consumers don’t have to worry about constantly searching for the right product.

Nifty, justified, and reliable.

3 - Forward thinking footwear

In a somewhat different world-changing style, Zappos is a company whose success relies on its management style.

CEO Tony Hsieh took his company in a new direction in 2014. Creating an international company that can work within itself and avoid the problems that growing businesses tend to face.

Stagnation, an inability to improvise, slow management style. These are just a few of the issues that affect centralised businesses across the world as they grow in size. Since their adoption of Holacracy, that no longer became a problem.

What Tony Hsieh essentially provided was a list of guidelines for his company. As long as those are fulfilled, smaller centres can work within and around those rules. Effectively what he created was a de-centralised company with the ability to work locally and provide top-level personalised services from Zappos.

4 - Shopping centres on one screen

College drop-out, over 40 investor rejections, but now Deena Varshavskaya is listed by Glamour as one of 35 women under 35 who are changing the tech industry.

Tired of searching from shopping centre to shopping centre, Varshavskaya decided to launch Wanelo (from want-need-love) to bring businesses and customers closer together.

Now Wanelo provides 550,000 stores all in one app. From large chains to tiny, chic boutiques, her vision and determination has launched the company from aspiring startup to revolutionary eCommerce provider.

Ready to start changing the world?

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