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R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits. Headache free.

R&D tax credits, redesigned. We help CEOs and founders gain access to cash or reduce their tax bill for their business. With over £30 million in claims processed, and a world class technical team, we’ve got the expertise you need.


How does it work?

R and d tax credits eligible

Are you eligible?

If your business spends money on research and development costs, you’ll very likely be able to claim tax credit. Businesses in many different industries can apply – including technology, ecommerce, bio-tech, hardware, and more.

R and d tax credits access

Access R & D Cash

The R&D Tax Credit process can get complicated. But, we make it easy and manage the full claim process for you. That includes spotting eligible R&D expenses, year end filing and making sure you get the R&D cash you deserve.

R and d tax credits personalised support

Personalised support

We keep your bookkeeping, tax, and R&D support all under one roof. You will get assigned a dedicated R&D expert that knows the ins and outs of your business and works quickly and efficiently to identify expenses that maximise your claim.

Excellent R&D Tax Credit service. Clearly very experienced in this area and the team were able to really understand quite complex technical points. Would highly recommend their service


What are the benefits?

Cash Injection

R&D Tax Credits provide support in the form of non-dilutive funding for many small, medium and large businesses.

Boost Innovation

R&D Tax Credits help to encourage businesses to invest in R&D and developmental activities.

Claim back costs

Startups and SMEs can claim back up to 33% on their R&D expenditure. These can be offset against corporation tax or received as cash from HMRC.

Tax credits benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

R&D credits could unlock cash you never knew existed. We know your business inside out and will quickly identify ways to maximise your refund.

How does claiming R&D Tax Credits work?

Our Year end accounting service seamlessly syncs with our cloud-based bookkeeping and R&D Tax services. That means we’ll already know your numbers from the ground up and can quickly identify expenses and maximize your savings.

What costs qualify for R&D relief?

You can claim relief on costs that have been expensed through the Profit & Loss account and in certain circumstances you can also claim capitalised expenditure (providing that the assets purchased have been classified as Intangible Assets).

The main areas of costs that can be claimed are:

  • staff costs (Incl. gross pay, employer's NI, reimbursed expenses and employer's pension contributions);
  • agency workers (externally provided workers),
  • subcontractors/freelancers
  • software license costs, and
  • consumable items (heat, light and power, and materials and equipment used or transformed by the R&D process).
  • payments to the subjects of clinical trials.

Is an R&D Tax Credit taxable income?

For SMEs claiming R&D Tax Credits the accounting treatment is straightforward: your R&D Tax Credit is not taxable income. It is a below-the-line benefit and will be shown in your income statement (also known as your profit-and-loss account) either as a Corporation Tax reduction or a credit.

How far back can you claim R&D Tax Credits?

A business can make a claim for R&D tax relief going back 2 accounting years. The claim can be made in a company tax return or in an amendment to it.

How much is the R&D Tax Credit?

For profitable SMEs, you should expect approximately 24.7% of your R&D costs refunded. For SMEs operating at a loss, you can expect to receive 33% back.