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9 CBD and Alternative Healthcare Startups to Watch


Alternative healthcare startups are changing the face of healthcare as we know it. From Nordic Oil to Space Tea, here’s what’s on the scene in 2022.

Thanks to advances in scientific understanding, products like cannabis oil are treating physical and mental conditions worldwide. These substances, once considered taboo, are reaching markets of millions. It’s no surprise that alternative healthcare startups have already experienced success. As more countries legalise these treatments, these startups gain larger markets every single day.

The CBD market is only going to grow

It wasn’t so long ago that access to cannabis was an off the books, highly sketchy deal.

Now, millions have access to it with a simple click of an “order” button.

Following the legalisation of marijuana in North American countries, the European Union soon followed suit. Since 2020, alternative healthcare startups have drawn up plans to not just penetrate the recreational drug use market in Europe, but explore other uses for these substances.

A row of plants

Thanks to innovation and market interest, Marketwatch estimates that global consumer spending on CBD products will grow by almost $30 billion by 2025 (or €25.6 billion if you’re from Europe.)

For startups, it’s a dream come true.

But who is going to take advantage of this opportunity? Which alternative healthcare startup will successfully carve out their corner of the market?

Let’s take a look at the best CBD companies of 2022.

Nordic Oil

This Scandinavian based CBD company took the US by storm with its variety of products. Not content with capsules of CBD oil, they extended their product range to include tablets, gels and skincare products to provide convenience.

As a household name for CBD within Europe, they serve over 300,000 customers every single month, and continuously provide educational materials on the products they provide. This has led to them being a trusted supplier of CBD by many pharmacies within Europe.


Naturecan is not only a pioneer of science and testing to produce high quality products, but also in targeting their specific clientele.

Naturecan creates a wide range of oils, gummies, balms and capsules with high quality CBD, but also non detectable THC. As this startup was founded by Andy Duckworth, former CEO of Myprotein, Naturecan’s products are right next to their protein supplements for easy browsing.

This means that their products are a solid choice for chronic aches and pains, especially for athletes and other professionals in physical fields. It’s a unique fix to common problems, and it has set up Naturecan climb the market rapidly. It already has an incredible number of celebrity endorsements from cricketers such as Freddie Flintoff. He insists “CBD oil nut butter - this is so good!” and uses their CBD oil infused nut butter as a post workout protein hit and health supplement.

Gummy Bears

Beckley Psytech

Beckley Psytech is an alternative healthcare company that is using unique approaches to fight depression and mentally deteriorating conditions.

They raised over £17 million to fund their research and development in order to take psychedelic substances and form them into licensed medicines. Depression, addiction and other such neurological and psychological conditions are the challenges that millions of people suffer from.

Thanks to the work of Beckley Psytech, their think tank the Beckley Foundation and their financial backer Richard Reed (the founder of Innocent drinks company) millions of sufferers could receive pharmaceutically licensed medicines drawn from a variety of psychedelic compounds.

Richard Reed lives life by the creed “Life is a team sport” and if his success of Innocent is anything to go by, we could see Beckley Psytech become a roaring success very soon.

Mushrooms in a forest

Our Remedy

Our Remedy is the award-winning, female founded brand that provides CBD products alongside other self-care products designed for and by women.

As well as maintaining a strong focus on sustainability, the brand emphasises alternative healthcare products to treat female health. Whether it’s anxiety, insomnia or cramps - this formidable female-driven company has something for everything.

As we see veganism on the rise in eCommerce industries, this company is yet another example of a successful startup combining business with a conscience.

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Eaze is the cannabis delivery company making it easier than ever to get your fix. Whether it’s prerolled, bagged up, or a CBD oil, customers simply place an order, add a location and provide ID.

The company underwent a transformation of simply delivering cannabis, to becoming a delivery dispensary.

By transforming from the “Uber” of weed to the “Amazon” of weed, Eaze managed to double the value of their company from 2019 to 2020 and is set to expand to even bigger cannabis markets throughout the US.

Man holding a package

Avida Global

Avida Global, founded in 2018 is a startup that has already strategically positioned itself strongly within the UK CBD market.

Headed by its chairman, Lord Benjamin Mancroft, Avida has already proceeded through fundraising and set itself up as a steady supplier of medicinal marijuana. Beyond that though, the company has sported itself as not just sustainable, but innovative.

Their slogan “bringing quality to life” is the drive behind some of their work with cannabis, including pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products that target everything from daily anxiety to treating multiple sclerosis.

Close up of a table with documents on it

Space Goods

Supplements have been on the scene for a while now - but shroom supplements? Well, that's where Space Goods come in.

Established in 2021, Space Goods states mushrooms are "nature's ancient superpower", and offers their Rainbow Dust tea as an alternative to caffeine. A drink that provides sharper focus, sustained energy & a zen-like calm throughout the day...and with zero jitters/anxiety or crash...will Space Goods be the new coffee break?

Space Goods is currently in Pre Seed, we can't wait to see what this wellness startup has in store for 2022.

Person drinking tea


Take everything you know about the CBD industry - now forget it. Trip is the company that decided to redefine what a CBD startup should look like.

It’s not surprising, as a company that values taste and experience over the pure effects of CBD, they have had a chance to present themselves in a new light. It’s a light that has attracted multitudes of investors.

During their $5 million investment round to begin their US launch in 2019, Depop CEO Maria Raga was one of many investors that jumped on board. Consider that they have partnerships with companies such as Deliveroo, Sainsbury's, SoHo House and many more, and it’s not so surprising that they are the UK’s only Crown-approved CBD brand.


Cantourage was a brand new startup in 2019, now it’s one of the best CBD companies of 2022 thanks to startling innovation within the industry.

Launched by Dr Florian Holzapfel and Philip Schetter, Cantourage changed the CBD industry from 2020 and almost halved the market price of Dronabinol in German markets.

Dronabinol is a man made form of THC and forces pharmacists to spend lengthy amounts of time liquefying, weighing and dissolving the Dronabinol in an active ingredient. Cantourage changed that by introducing a product that not only cut down time but also on potential errors.

That was just its first year, so what else will it achieve over the next 10?

Scientists looking through a microscope

To sum up

CBD is a big business, and it’s only going to get bigger. As legalisation continues across the globe and scientists continue to make breakthroughs in treatments, alternative healthcare startups will keep growing.

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