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DIY Taxes vs. Our Integrated Tax Planner

What’s your current system when it comes to taxes? With all the uncertainty that’s come with 2020, you don’t want taxes to be one of them. The problem with dealing with taxes as they come up, is that you always feel on the backfoot, and inevitably spend evenings scrambling for information. Well, no more. Here’s everything you need to know about tax planning and why it’s time to ditch the DIY.

Failing to plan? Plan to fail

Taxes are like washing-up, everyone’s got to do it...but it’s hardly an exciting experience. If you leave your washing up until later, it turns into a huge chore that shoots dread into your very core - and it’s the same with taxes.

Without a tax plan in place accompanied by the necessary tools, the responsibilities build up into a stinking, towering mess that, if not dealt with correctly, can run into issues with a number of laws (leading to nasty fines!).

Enough of the washing analogies? Ok..let’s move on to how we can help.

Say hey to your integrated tax planner

At Accountancy Cloud, we get that tax planning isn’t what you signed up for when running a business. For this reason, we offer an integrated tax planner for our clients, that transforms the way you’ll view taxes forever. Here’s how it works.

A compliance calendar

Wave goodbye to sneaky deadlines that creep up on you, with our compliance calendar. This essentially keeps track of all your required filings, along with their due dates and related details.

So, this means that you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never again face fines or penalties for late submissions or missing information. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

In-app approvals

Not only will you have a compliance calendar, but you’ll also have access to our app, which allows you to make super-fast approvals. Check up on what your money’s up to on the go, and quickly OK any tasks necessary without having to log into your work device and endlessly scroll to find out what’s what.

Reduce your tax bill

With Accountancy Cloud, your dedicated financial expert is there to ensure that you’re making the most of any tax schemes that are available for you, as well as reduce your tax bill in areas including:

meaning you can save money without any hassle!

Seamlessly synced, with proactive alerts

With us, you can manage your finances all from one space. Tax and bookkeeping are brought together on our dashboard, so you can see the bigger picture in just one click. Plus our software integrations mean you’ll be able to view information from other services your business already uses, such as:

  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • ReceiptBank
  • Expensify

...and many more.

Real-time reporting allows you to check your current performance, make any necessary adjustments, and spot every deduction needed, with ease. Also, you won’t need to keep checking in, as you’ll receive proactive alerts right to your email.

Get in touch

If you’re looking for some handy tax-planning tips, we’ve got the guide for you. Or, if you’re ready for us to start handling this for you, get in touch today!

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