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Female Entrepreneurs: 2022's Fastest Growing Tech Startups


The value of women in tech leadership roles can’t be overstated. Diversity in this sector is a powerful driver of innovation and creativity, and of course, women have a big part to play in that. This blog takes a look at the female entrepreneurs driving some of the most exciting fast growth tech startups in the UK.

Currently, only 26% of high growth UK companies have a female founder, which in 2022 might be considered disappointing. And, with women making up only 31% of the tech industry, we need to continue to celebrate the successes of the female entrepreneurs currently blazing the trail of entrepreneurship, so the next generation of female founders can be inspired.

Female entrepreneurs

Addy Loudiadis: Rothesay's founder and CEO.

Addy established Rothesay in 2007 as a business purpose built to protect pensions. The company uses data and analytics to maintain the financial security of pension investments. Through the use of sophisticated technology, Rothesay completes financial and risk analysis every day, offering realtime and accurate information which allows clients to rapidly respond to market changes. This integrated security and risk management helps to secure the future of the people whose assets are under management.

Before Rothesay, Addy was a successful investment banker and a partner at Goldman Sachs, serving as the co-head of investment banking in Europe.

Anne Boden: The founder and CEO of Starling Bank.

Anne founded Starling Bank in 2014 after previously working in the financial sector, including Royal Bank of Scotland, Allied Irish Banks and ABN AMRO.

Starling is a bank that offers its services through its dedicated technology platform. The platform allows customers to access personal and business banking products and also links to a selection of third party financial services.

In 2014 Anne founded Starling after recognising that technology could be transformative in the way that people manage their money and in the way that banks serve their customers. What followed was a host of awards for customer service and customer satisfaction.

Fiona Canning: The co-founder of Pollinate.

Fiona founded the London based fintech firm to develop software and improve the digital tools and insights that SMEs use to manage their businesses.

Fiona has held positions in some of the biggest names in financial services, including Visa, Nectar and Natwest. She was able to leverage this experience and expertise to build a compelling customer engagement programme that was able to support small businesses in successfully navigating the challenges posed by Covid 19.

Pollinate brings together experts in payments, banking and technology, together they use these skills to transform the commerce experience of small businesses. The vision of Pollinate is to provide SMEs with the cutting edge technology needed to allow them to grow and succeed.

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Alexandra Margolis: The co-founder and creative director of Carwow.

Carwow was founded out of the idea that buying a second hand car could (and should) be an enjoyable process. The company is a free to use platform that connects local and national sellers with people looking to buy or lease a car. The use of technology to act as a market for cars is not new, but the ethos of ensuring the customer experience is enjoyable, accessible and simple is.

The company has several venture capital backers, raising over £120 million across it’s current fundraising rounds.

Zohra Slim: Co founded InstaDeep

InstaDeep delivers AI powered decision making software solutions for businesses. The company uses AI backed computing systems to tackle a range of challenges across different industries, including in the biology, logistics, electronics and energy sectors.

For example, InstaDeep applies AI to available internet of things (IoT) data to support manufacturers. Such an approach allows InstaDeep to accurately predict and avoid machine failures, minimises production downtime and improves system and process reliability.

The many applications of AI make InstaDeep an exciting tech startup to watch.

Maria Karvela: Co founded DnaNudge

DnaNudge is a health tech company that provides users with wearable technology and through this delivers nutritional advice based on the DNA profile of the wearer. The aim is to guide users away from illnesses that they might be prone to, such as diabetes, by making healthier food choices.

Maria leads a team of geneticists, biologists, dieticians, and deep learning software engineers to create a database that allows DnaNudge to map genetic traits to individual food, drink and skincare ingredients. Ensuring that users can make informed purchasing choices based on their individual needs.

In summary

The women above are leaders in their industries. Having founded successful tech companies, they are at the forefront of modern technology and its implications for consumers.

The innovation and creativity that female entrepreneurs bring to a tech startup are vital in the digitalisation of the UK economy. As technology and software become integrated with all aspects of doing business, there is a growing need for original and ingenious tech solutions that can give businesses an advantage in their market.

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