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Automated Bookkeeping: The Benefits of AI and Machine Learning for CFOs and HoFs

No matter the industry, the roles of Chief Financial Officer (CFO), or Head of Finance (HoF) are challenging ones. Up against new competitors, changing business models, mind-boggling amounts of data and a resolute need to cut costs, the CFO/HoF’s role is so much more than just providing accurate and complete finance reports.

But of course, you already know this. As a CFO or HoF, your days are spent overcoming these hurdles, in order to help your fellow business leaders understand where the organisation currently stands, as well as where it could be in a week, a month or a year. With this level of forecasting being second nature, it’s our guess that you’ve also considered where technology could transform your role, and even the whole finance function of your business.

61% of finance leaders in 2019, believed that finance functions could become more effective with improved technology - are you one of them?

This guide covers:

  • AI and its relevance to accounting
  • AI, machine learning & their potential for bookkeeping
  • The benefits the above offer to CFOs/HoFs