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How to be an Effective Director


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Directors are an instrumental part of any company structure, but there is an ever increasing trend for businesses to appoint multiple directors across a range of different company functions, such as finance, HR, sales, and so on. This can sometimes make it challenging for founders to fully understand their roles and responsibilities within the business. This Director’s Guide provides an overview of different types of director, and what is generally expected within a director appointment.

How to be an effective director - what’s included

What is a company director?

Discover the true definition of a company director and understand what is required following their appointment. The types of directors can be vary for small businesses and startups so we take a look at what happens in each case.

Company founders and co-founders

Who should actually receive the label ‘founder’ and what does it mean? We look at the meaning behind this title, as well as the difference between the founders and co-founders of a company. They might sound similar, but it’s not as simple as you first think!

The responsibilities of the director for company wellbeing

Directors are usually thought of as decision makers, which means they are responsible for the wellbeing of the company. There are a number of responsibilities which you need to get right in order to be seen as an effective director.

Financial and tax responsibilities of the director

We delve deep into the financial side of things in this guide, to help you fully understand what is required of you. Including notes on personal tax, VAT and payroll, discover all the important deadlines you need to be aware of. You will also learn about non-compliance penalties and what’s required when you’re conducting a self-assessment.

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