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Cosmin Mihaiu | Founder & CEO of MIRA Rehab

Podcast Summary

As MIRA’s CEO and TED Fellow, Cosmin now focuses on building relationships with medical institutions around the US and the UK, showing them how video games can make recovery more effective for patients and physical therapists alike.

When Cosmin noticed that injured patients hated physical therapy — and often took longer to recover because of it — he dedicated himself to making the dreaded process more engaging, or even fun. In 2011 he and his colleagues founded MIRA Rehab, where they develop software that lets patients play interactive, therapeutic games.

MIRA is a software platform designed to make physiotherapy fun and convenient for patients recovering from surgery or injury. The system transforms existing physical therapy exercises into video-games, and uses an external sensor to track and assess patient compliance. Cosmin's tech startup has been featured in the Guardian, Forbes and TED Talks.