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David Howorth | Co-Founder of Avvoka

Podcast Summary

Founded in 2015, David, as Co-Founder of Avvoka stepped into the world of LegalTech after a successful legal career - admittedly through blissful naivety, but also with a passion for disrupting the legal market with contract automation negotiation solutions.

The landscape was emerging in the UK around LegalTech and David describes his experiences of making "that" move, and what lessons have been learned when he formed Avvoka.

Avvoka is a digital platform enabling businesses to automatically create, e-sign and store contracts online and was built to streamline the process of generating contracts on a mass scale. R&D plays a big part of their roadmap. They are on the "Fuse" Allen and Overy Accelerator recently featured in Forbes, and have raised over £500k in equity investment.