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Tom Putnam | Co-Founder of Beeline

Tom Putnam

Tom Putnam - Beeline

Co-Founder | Hardware/Software Expert

Podcast Summary

Fresh from a Kickstarter campaign where Beeline raised c$700k (c£500k) taking total fundraising to over $1.3m, Tom, who founded Beeline with good friend and co-founder Mark Jenner in 2015 talks to us about his journey and the trajectory this firm is on.

Having had enough of getting lost on their bikes in London, the two former McKinsey employees decided to set up Beeline.

Simply put, Beeline offers smart navigation devices for cyclists and bikers. The company helps people have great journeys, by bike and motorbike, through their incredible intuitive navigation hardware, interface and journey planning software.

Since founding this startup, Beeline has sold thousands of units around the world, been featured on the BBC and Amazon Originals and has beaten Apple to design awards.

Could you guess how much Beeline initially targeted for their Kickstarter? Enjoy the podcast, and listen in to find out!

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