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How Accountancy Cloud Helped Love The Sales Focus on Their Core Mission

Love the Sales is a unique online platform that revolutionises the shopping experience by aggregating sales from over 850 major retailers worldwide. They are loved by over 5 million customers and are a multi-award winning Startups 100 business.

Love the Sales allows users to easily shop for discounted items from a wide range of categories, ensuring they get the best deals for their wardrobe and home. With its user-friendly interface and commitment to providing value, Love the Sales caters to millions of smart shoppers seeking to maximise their budgets​​​​.

The Challenge

Love the Sales initially partnered with KPMG’s Small Business Accounting for their financial management needs. However, as the business grew, they encountered challenges with this service.

As they moved towards a period of growth, they moved through this phase with the difficulties of scaling their accounting, with a lack of timely management reporting and insights, which are common challenges for rapidly growing companies seeking more tailored financial services.

The Solution

In response to these challenges, Love the Sales transitioned to Accountancy Cloud. This change brought about a more bespoke approach to their accounting needs. Accountancy Cloud provided advanced, streamlined accounting processes, helpful management reports, and robust accountancy support tailored to the unique dynamics of Love the Sales' business model including revenue recognition.

This shift enabled more efficient financial management and hours of time saved for the founder’s need for strategic decision-making.

The Result

The partnership with Accountancy Cloud led to significant improvements for Love the Sales. The new accounting service streamlined financial processes, enhanced operational efficiency, and provided useful reports on financial performance. This transformation supported Love the Sales in growth planning, enabling them to focus more on expanding their business and less on the intricacies of financial management.

Over the past four years, our collaboration with Accountancy Cloud has been incredibly supportive in every aspect. The team's assistance has been invaluable, characterised by their expertise and helpfulness. This partnership has enabled us to concentrate on our core mission - growing and expanding Love the Sales.
Stuart, CEO, Love the Sales.
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Spotlight Results
  • Streamlined financial processes by 5x
  • Significant improvements to Management Reporting
  • Moved from a big 4 firm that didn't cater for their business well

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