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How Accountancy Cloud helped Bettor to launch their first product and grow their business

Bettor Publishing is a global digital media company, for people who bet on sports and brands that want to reach them.

The Challenges

Bettor was in the process of raising the first round of funding, but bookkeeping and tax obligations were taking up too much time. Bettor needed a partner that could provide specialised support in these early stages, and through growth.

Bettor needed accounting and funding support that would grow with them.

“I needed a partner that could support me in the early stages of business, but that we wouldn’t outgrow too quickly. I needed a partner that could handle all of our bookkeeping and tax compliance, but could also act as an FD/CFO when we were ready to raise further funding.”

The Solution

Bettor considered everything from freelance accountants to large national businesses before finding Accountancy Cloud. Accountancy Cloud’s highly skilled team, human-assisted AI, and experience with growing businesses made it the perfect fit for Bettor.

“I liked that they were tech-enabled but without sacrificing the benefits of having a human at the other end of the line when required...they were a partner we could grow with.”

The Results

With Accountancy Cloud taking care of their accounting, the team at Bettor was able to focus all of their attention on the business. In just the first 6 months, Bettor has successfully raised a pre-seed round, build and launched their first product, and closed their first deal with a global betting operator.

“Have AC take care of all our accounting has meant we’ve been able to focus more time on launching our first product and growing the business.”
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Spotlight Results
  • Built & launched Potential Bets - their first product
  • Raised a Pre-seed round
  • Closed first deal with a large global betting operator

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