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How Accountancy Cloud helped Pluto with finances and reporting

Pluto helps travel lovers make the most of every adventure, with a suite of tools that support users through every step of their journey.


As an early-stage business with a small starting team, the co-founders of Pluto wanted to focus their efforts on establishing and building the brand. But after 6 months, their Xero account became messy and time-consuming, so they decided it was time to take action.

How could they have time to build the ultimate travel lover’s product and growing their user base and revenues, while trying to juggle the ins and outs of startup finance and reporting?

Accounting and finance was just not something either myself of my co-founder had a huge amount of experience (or interest!) in...after the first 6 months, things started to get messy on our Xero account with our receipts...we quickly realised we needed someone who understood startups and also finance.

The Solution

Pluto discovered Accountancy Cloud through recommendations by other founders. Implementing Accountancy Cloud allowed Pluto to focus on their business. The initial and on-going support Pluto received made Accountancy Cloud a cost-effective solution to their challenges.

“We heard [Accountancy Cloud] being recommended by some other founders. So I jumped on a call with them and it just clicked. They understood the problems we were facing and their on-going help was very cost-effective. So it ended up being an easy decision!”

The Result

The time the Co-Founders of Pluto saved by using Accountancy Cloud, allowed them to invest it instead in growing the business. Any time they’re unsure, the Accountancy Cloud team is there with a helpful response.

Since joining Accountancy Cloud, Pluto has grown its user base by 5x, and its revenue by 3x.

We’ve been able to have complete confidence in our finances and accounting. [Accountancy Cloud] understood our business quickly, we don’t have to constantly explain things or answer questions. It just works well. The team is always super friendly and responsive if we have any questions.
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Spotlight Results
  • 5x User Base Growth
  • 3X Revenue Growth
  • 100% confidence in finance & accounting

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