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How Accountancy Cloud’s R&D team helped Dynamo Group reap the full benefits of R&D credits

Dynamo is an exclusive community of young lifestyle lovers around the world, who want to access luxury experiences on-demand, without having to wait for their friends to be willing to go out.

The Challenge

The founders of Dynamo were aware of the government incentives available to them, but after trying to complete the processes and requirements themselves, they found it too confusing and time-consuming.

How could Dynamo make the most of these VAT returns and R&D credits, without having to navigate the complicated processes?

“HMRC requires/offers tons of interactions with Companies, mostly for the good. From VAT returns, to R&D credits, to sharing updated Cap Tables after investments, it could be confusing for Start-Ups Founders to navigate the space.”

The Solution

Dynamo decided it was time to find a trusted accounting expert to take over, and chose Accountancy Cloud because of their expertise and experience in tech start-ups and the procedures that go with them. Accountancy Cloud’s approachable team and flexible pricing structure made them ideal for Dynamo.

“Discovering The Accountancy Cloud was a joy and a relief; they have amazing knowledge and focus on Start-Ups and, as such, are totally familiar with all the tools and the procedures every tech Founder in London must deal with.”

The Result

Today, Dynamo and Accountancy Cloud’s relationship is far more than simply that of an outsourced accountant, but a partnership. The R&D team led Dynamo to a 100% success rate for securing tax credits, and they received swift and professional support for organising and publishing their cap table.

“Their R&D team lead to a 100% success rate for my company when requesting credits; the accounting team was super professional when organising and publishing my Cap Table.”

“Their past experience and competencies were fundamental when dealing with every bureaucratic aspect of my company and I would warmly suggest them to every Start-Up, as I do.”
Marco Scotti, Co-Founder of Dynamo Group
Dynamo Group
Spotlight Results
  • 100% Success Rate for R&D Tax Credits
  • Organised and updated Cap Tables
  • A partnership that grows with their business

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