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How Avvoka uses the Accountancy Cloud to successfully monitor cashflow and access R&D credits

Avvoka, a spark of innovation that turned into a fast growing tech startup. The startup offers end-to-end contract automation for busy legal and commercial teams and is proud to have worked with the Accountancy Cloud from day one on their funding, cashflow management and so much more.


While Avvoka was in the early stages of concept, Eliot Benzecrit, now the company director, was still in full-time employment as a lawyer. He was seeking expert advice and information on the support available to startups. It was during this time Eliot spoke with a number of accountancy firms, including some advisers from the big four.

And, that’s when Eliot met the Accountancy Cloud team.

Eliot was immediately reassured by the knowledge the team brought to the table and was excited to learn about the government support available for innovative startups.

‘I was impressed by the Accountancy Cloud’s focus on startups and the hurdles we would face. They understood this was our first venture and were ready to offer their full support’.


In January 2016, Eliot made the decision to work with the Accountancy Cloud. With Avvoka utilising AI and intra-collaboration, the Accountancy Cloud team was able to help them to access government support in the form of R&D credits. This extra cash was invaluable in propelling Avvoka forward.

Since then, the companies have worked side by side throughout Avvoka’s growth.

“As a business that has grown organically, sound cashflow management and revenue reporting/scrutiny has been key and the Accountancy Cloud have helped a lot. Every R&D tax claim has gone smoothly and successfully.”


With next generation cashflow management and expert financial advice/guidance, Avvoka has been fortunate enough to work with some great household names, while experiencing impressive organic growth.

“Accountancy Cloud have helped us to grow more organically than most other software startups.”

Avvoka are now proud to say that they have thriving offices in both London and Singapore.

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  • Expert startup advice
  • Access to R&D cash
  • Enhanced cashflow management
  • Impressive organic growth

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